Our Research

We combine a research-based approach to supporting survivors of domestic violence with best practices for safe and effective AI.

AI and Domestic Violence Research

Our team at Aimee Says is deeply educated in the fields of domestic violence, coercive control, intimate partner violence, and their impact on survivors and children. We recognize the importance of comprehensive knowledge in these areas to provide the most effective support.

We continually reference an extensive and growing list of Great Books on Domestic Violence

At the heart of our service lies a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology known as Large Language Models (LLMs). These models are designed to understand and generate human-like text by analyzing vast amounts of data. This enables them to respond to user input in a way that is both relevant and contextually aware.

Continual Improvement for Up-to-Date Support

Human intelligence plays a crucial role in the continuous refinement and training of Aimee. By combining AI with our team’s deep understanding of domestic abuse dynamics, Aimee evolves into a highly personalized expert available to survivors at low cost.

We are committed to constantly modifying and retraining Aimee. This ensures she remains equipped with the latest information and insights, enabling her to effectively support survivors on their journey towards safety and healing.

Other AI Domestic Violence Research

We're encouraged to see others with well-aligned missions explore the use of AI in fighting domestic violence. There is a small but growing body of research that identifies AI's potential impact on this important issue.