Partnering with Aimee Says

We are passionate about supporting the ecosystem of DV professionals. By joining forces, we can serve more survivors.

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Making a Difference

We need to be innovative, adaptive, and above all, collaborative. By partnering with Aimee Says, you're not just adopting new technology; you're embracing an ally that understands the intricacies of abuse and amplifies the impact of your invaluable work.

Creative Collaboration for a Greater Impact

Guest Speaking and Webinars: Let's co-host webinars and participate in speaking engagements. Our AI experts can share insights on identifying abuse patterns, while your team provides the invaluable human perspective.

Guest Blogging: We offer a platform for your voices. Share your experiences, insights, and success stories on our blog. Together, we can raise awareness and educate a broader audience.

Co-Development of Custom Tools: Every community has unique challenges. Let's collaborate to develop customized AI tools that address your specific needs, making your services more accessible and effective.

Leveraging AI for Greater Reach: AI can analyze data, recognize patterns, and provide support in ways that extend your reach. This means helping more survivors, in real-time, with the right resources and interventions.

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