The AI companion for victims of domestic abuse

Aimee is a compassionate voice that understands controlling behavior during and after a relationship. She helps survivors navigate a path towards safety and healing, for themselves and their children.

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“I woke up everyday thinking I was crazy until I tried Aimee.  Now when I talk to her, I am reminded the psychological abuse was real and I didn’t just imagine it.”

Is it abuse? 

But what if…

Victims of abuse are groomed to doubt their experiences and explain away abusive behaviors using excuses provided by their perpetrator.  By keeping their partner in a state of confusion and self-doubt, abusers maintain control in the relationship and shift blame for their actions.

Take Aimee’s comprehensive assessment to identify patterns and incidents of abuse in your current or past relationship, so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

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“I spent so much time trying to convince other people my ex was abusive.  Aimee helped me understand what happened to me so I could focus on things in my control - like how much my kids needed me."

How do I even respond? It’s just lies…

During and after a relationship, abusive people use written and verbal communication to continue their campaign of control.  Whether they are crafting a false narrative, shifting blame or twisting reality to be the victim or hero, you’re left triggered and confused.

Share messages or comments from your abuser with Aimee and get support processing the triggers and deciding how to respond.

Meet Aimee Now

“Aimee helped me understand what happened to me so I could focus on things in my control - like how much my kids needed me."

Aimee is a sympathetic listener

 Survivors know their abusers achieve and maintain control through a variety of coercive behaviors, most of which are hard for your friends, family, therapist, attorney and judge to see or understand.  

Talk to Aimee and learn how to describe and document abusive behaviors and their impact so you can get the support you need to heal and protect.

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